Q.    How do I navigate this web-site?


The menu on the left side is the main navigational tool. When you click on each Learning Unit, a drop down menu with a list of learning sections will appear. Click on each individual learning section and the corresponding web page will appear in the frame on the right side.



Q.    Some of the formulae/images don't appear when I click a particular learning section?


Please re-click the link again and the formulae/picture will appear. The reason is that browsers cannot read equations and so equations are actually images, which can take some time to download depending on your computer and Internet speed.



Q.     I cannot see the quiz web pages?


This site is best viewed by Internet Explorer 5 +. Please use IE 5+ to view the quiz. Also some of the special symbols may not appear in Netscape and affect the way the equations appear.



 Q.  How do I contact the person who designed this web-site?


Please email your questions or comments to jasjeetjhaj@hotmail.com



Q.     How can I report copyright violation?


Please report any copyright violations by sending an email to jasjeetjhaj@hotmail.com