Microfabrication Principles LearningSpace :: Jasjeet Kaur

Microfabrication Principles LearningSpace will help you study Microfabrication processes used for VLSI and other technologies. Starting with the basic understanding of semiconductor properties and wafer preparation, the fundamentals of microfabrication processes, including solid state diffusion, ion implantation, thermal oxidation, and material etching are presented.

The learning space was designed by me (Jasjeet Kaur). I did my BS from Regional Engineering College Jalandhar and my MS from Louisiana Tech University. I currently work for Mentor Graphics Corporation in Wilsonville, Oregon on parasitic extraction tools. Before Mentor I was working for Avant! (now Synopsys) in TCAD. I am doing my MBA from Portland State University in Management of Innovation and Technology.

IntelligentLandscapes™ :: Sukhwant Jhaj

You can visit Sukhwant's website at Portland State University and have a look at all the fun he is having teaching there!

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